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Jan 18, 2019

Webster's Dictionary defines evolve as:

to develop gradually:to evolve scheme.
to give off or emit, as odors or vapors.
Gape Sapolsky defines EVOLVE as emitting complete and utter garbage every which way. EVOLVE 6 is a staggering show. It recontextualizes the quality of the prior shows. I have never understood booking less than I do now. Bucky and I came in thinking "bad booking but good wrestling we can work with that" and that...that's not what we are getting. We get STORIES based on "alleged homosexuality" and one of the worst wrestlers on the planet being billed as a prodigy with no drive. I am broken.
GOOD NEWS THOUGH, Bucky releases his hit new single this episode. Stay to the very end for a special tweet. (Please don't skip to the end. Please don't)