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Dec 21, 2017

Sometimes in life, you make choices that you regret. The FKAABTs3 will be one of those choices, filled with more of those choices. It is a puzzle wrapped in an enigma.

We wrap up the WDKW year-end awards by going through Promotion of the Year, Match of the Year, and Wrestler of the Year. No panelist or nominee won....

Dec 20, 2017

The boys are back in town to bring you the only year-end award show in wrestling that matters, the Formerly Known As The Always Bury Tanners. Now, technically there have only been 2 FKAABTs but since the original was called the Always Bury Tanners I have decided to retcon the naming structure. The "judges" are myself,...

Dec 13, 2017

Can't shake him, Tanner is back with first time guest Tom Batista of Military Industrial Suplex fame. A real slow burn of an episode as elements of the race for the Senate in Alabama seeps into the episode. We obviously disgust wrestling and how it is confirmed terrible. Truly nauseating. 




Dec 7, 2017

Kevin Brown joins me in an episode dedicated to The King. Thank you Nick Gage for all that you have bestowed upon us. The grace you give can never be repaid. We were made in your image. We also talk about what's happening in pro wrestling right now which may involve wrestling being a cesspool.