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Sep 22, 2017

Dylan Hales joins me this week to talk a few chosen men who were neglected on a prior episode on WDKW100 canidates. That includes Fred "Don't Make Jokes About My Height" Yehi, Big Mike and his son, and the wild man of indie wrestling Joey Janela. Mostly it is Dylan making the case and then me making fart noises. He's...

Sep 21, 2017


Second Part of the first ever We Don't Know Wrestling year-end award show, the Always Bury Tanners. I still don't remember much about this but I DO remember how I felt at the end. Defeated. Betrayed. As if all the work that had been put into this was for nothing. I deserved better. You deserved better....

Sep 20, 2017


The first part of the first ever year-end award show for We Don't Know Wrestling. Appropriatly titled the Always Bury Tanners. I don't 100% remember this show. I don't 10% remember this show either. Pretty sure it involves myself, Tanner, TJ Hawke, Dylan Hales, and Charles. I think. COME RELIVE THE BANTER!

Sep 12, 2017

New York Mike and Devon join me to talk all things World Wrestling Federation in 2017. The rise of Braun, the artistry of the Bray and Randy feud, as well as well as giving a quick chat on the little guys. Comprehensive and informative. Not exactly the We Don't Know Wrestling bread and butter but these guys know the...